Where I Read!

A small blog post for today but one that I felt would give away a bit about myself.

I try and find time every single day to read. I currently work in insurance and during the winter months, it’s very quiet so I find that I have plenty of time to read at my desk! I’m very lucky I know 🙂

I’m currently living between my parent’s house and my boyfriend’s, while at my parents I tend to read in the bath or in bed where I have recently put a lot of fairy lights around the headboard which makes it lovely and cosy during these winter months to read. While at my boyfriend’s I sit with the cat, on the sofa with a blanket, and read whenever he is off busy building parts for his car.

new forestMy favourite place to go and read at the weekend is the New Forest. I’m very lucky to live close to this beautiful area and during these winter months I stay in my car with a picnic, during the summer it’s ideal for finding a secluded spot to sit beneath a tree with only the wild horses nearby.

Summer evenings I sit down on the beach. Until October I was living on the cliff top to the best beach in the area but I’ve since moved back to my parents with the nearest beach to here being Sandbanks so I hope to make plenty of use of it during this summer. I love sitting on the beach with a parasol over me and being able to hear the sea while hooked by a fantastic book!

Do you have any favourite spots where you love to read?


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