Review – The Dead House – Harry Bingham

the dead house


About The Book:

On a wild October night, the body of a young woman is found in a remote country churchyard. She’s wearing nothing but a thin, white dress. There are no marks of violence and no obvious cause of death.

Who is the victim? Why is she here?

But another young woman went missing from the area a few years back, and DC Fiona Griffiths soon suspects a crime even more chilling than she first imagined.

Will she unlock the secrets of the dead house? Or will she become its next victim?

My Review:

The Dead House is the fifth in the acclaimed series featuring unusual and engaging detective, DC Fiona Griffiths.

At the beginning of this book, I found Griffiths a bit too peculiar and I find it difficult to believe that a DC could/ would have the mental health issues like this character does. She has a weird way to deal with the dead, however, her character did grow on me further in to the novel.

I love the setting of a rugged and rural Wales, and the author describes it so well that you can picture it vividly.

The story begins with the discovery of a body that has been laid out peacefully in what was once a ‘dead house’, and there is no obvious apparent crime.
The identity of this body and the circumstances for the final resting place require investigation. During the course of her investigations, Fiona realises there is more to this case, the discoveries she makes lead her to the tangled web of organised crime.

Although the beginning did seem rather slow, I would definitely recommend that you keep at it as the story builds tension and becomes a brilliant read that will keep you guessing. I’m pretty sure that readers will not guess the ending before Bingham is ready to reveal!

This is a very well written book and has plenty of twists and turns making it a great read.

About The Author:

Harry is the author of the Fiona Griffiths series of crime novels, set in Cardiff and featuring a heroine described by the Sunday Times as ‘The most startling protagonist in modern crime fiction … brutal, freakish and totally original.’ Harry – slightly less freakish than his creation – lives in Oxford with his wife and young family. He also runs The Writers’ Workshop, an editorial consultancy for new writers. His books on Getting Published and How to Write are among the leading titles in their field.


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