Book Update

It’s been a while since I have managed to come on here and write up a review. I changed jobs two weeks ago which has resulted in no longer having evenings to read books or write reviews 😦

I thought I would write a little update, mainly to show that I am still here, just that it is taking a little longer than usual to write blogs or update my Twitter account!

I picked up three books from the library nearly three weeks ago, however, have only had the time to finish one. Dead In The Water by Ann Granger is a brilliant Campbell and Carter mystery set in a pretty and quiet Cotswold village. I will aim to get the review for this title uploaded tomorrow.

Yesterday I made a start on Lost And Gone Forever  by Alex Grecian. I’m only eight chapters in, but it has already proved to be a gripping read based in a Victorian London.

The third book I picked up from the library, and the one I will be reading next, is the international bestseller Brotherhood In Death by J.D. Robb. Below is a quote from the brilliant Kathy Reichs:

Curious corpses, tangled twists and one sizzling sleuth.

The quote certainly makes you want to read this novel!

I recently had a signed copy of No Way Back from the lovely Kelly Florentia drop through the letterbox, so I will definitely be reading this after the three library books.

Once the above titles have all been read and reviewed, I will be purchasing a few, much wanted, books from Amazon after I was given £70 worth of Amazon vouchers as a leaving present from my last job!

All in all, even though it’s been a busy and tiring few weeks, I’m pleased to have finished one brilliant book, and made a start on another. Soon, I should hopefully have got used to my new sleeping pattern and will be back on track with the reading and reviewing! Thank you for staying patient with me 🙂